The search for executives is an extremely complex and responsible process, so it is trusted only by the most experienced People Link specialists – partners and business sector managers.

We are well versed in today’s trends, business features, know how to conduct and moderate this type of search to be successful. Specialized search and selection identifies leaders in their field who can manage the company, create significant added value and open new avenues for the managed company.

The search for managers by our specialists is based on the latest search trends in Western Europe. We believe that the key to a successful search and selection process is the application of the rightadvanced system. The study, which covered as many as 500 of the world’s largest companies, revealed that a weak and underdeveloped search and selection system accounts for up to 40% of a company’s vacancies. If such trends are seen in multinational companies, one can only guess what percentage would be revealed by analysing smaller budgets and companies with weaker search engines.

People Link strives to ensure that every search and selection of managers is focused on the main goal – partnership. Not only the emotional but also the cognitive factor are important here.  A candidate who learns or learns something new about their personality in the selection process or their situation in the changing labour market landscape  will benefit, even without a job offer.

The search for managers, like all recruitment processes, is complex while listening, partnership and cross-border cooperation are important to achieve success (finding the right candidate).

We specialise in executive search for the following positions:

  • General Manager / CEO
  • Executive Director / COO
  • Level C functional managers: marketing, sales, strategy and sustainable development, digitization, supply chain, etc.
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