We have been recruiting for engineering roles for more than 10 years. Working purposefully with this sector, the team members are well acquainted with the market, can determine the most effective search strategy and provide high-quality advice to both businesses and candidates on the current situation in the technology labour market.

We use various search methods in this type of recruitment: a system of recommendations, various distribution channels, direct search. A lot of attention is paid to refining or creating a value proposition for a client’s work so that we can best represent and present them to technology candidates. We have the confidence of the candidates in this market because we can meet their expectations with appropriate offers.

We have the most experience in finding the following engineering positions:

  • GamHeads / Directors of production / construction companies / departments
  • Real estate / construction development Project Managers
  • Data Engineers / Analysts / Team Leaders
  • Electronics / mechanical and high-tech engineers / physicists
  • Construction / manufacturing / technical / design / maintenance / operation specialists
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